Internet-Based Computing

Dan Grigoras, John P. Morrison, Marcin Paprzycki


Internet-Based Computing

Dear Readers,

It is our pleasure to present to you a long-awaited special issue of the SCPE journal. Since the issue is finally published in the rejuvenated SCPE, we will not delve into the reasons for the delay. Instead, we present to you 8 extended papers that were originally presented during the First International Symposium on Parallel and Distributed Computing that took place in Iasi, Romania, in August, 2001. Out of the collection of very good papers we have selected these that dealt with Internet-oriented computing. The first three pages deal with peer-to-peer and meta computing: W. Hoschek Enabling Rich Service and Resource Discovery with Database for Dynamic Distributed Content, K. Power, J. P. Morrison Ad Hoc Metacomputig With Compeer and J. P. Morrison, P. D. Healy Implementing a Condensed Graphs Based Metacomputer with XML. The next three papers deal with various issues in performance analysis: G. Da Costa, R. Olivier Impact of RealisticWorkload in Peer-to-Peer Systems a Case Study: Freenet, E. Caron, F. Desprez, F. Suter Parallel Extension of a Dynamic Performance Forecasting Tool, and R. Harakaly, P. Primet, F. Bonnassieux, B. Gaidioz Probes Coordination Protocol for Network Performance Measurement in GRID Computing Environment. The remaining three papers are: D. Weyns, E. Eddy, P. Verbaeten Serialization of Distributed Threads in Java, V. Fiolet, B. Toursel Distributed Data Mining, and W. Gawinecki, M. Gordon, P. Kaczmarek, M. Paprzycki The Problem of Agent-Client Communication on the Internet.

W believe that even though time has passed since original preparation, the quality of the papers remains high and they are definitely worthy your attention.

Dan Grigoras
John Morrison
Marcin Paprzycki



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