Mirroring information within an agent-team-based intelligent Grid middleware; an overview and directions for system development

Maria Ganzha, Marcin Paprzycki, Michal Drozdowicz, Mehrdad Senobari, Ivan Lirkov, Sofiya Ivanovska, Richard Olejnik, Pavel Telegin


This work concerns part of our project, devoted to the development of an agent-team-based Grid resource brokering and management system. Here, open issues that have to be addressed in the process, concern agent team preservation. In our earlier work it was suggested that this can be
achieved through mirroring of key information. Here, we discuss in detail
sources of useful information generated in the system (an agent team in
particular) and consider which information should be mirrored, when and where,
to increase long-term sustainability of an agent team.


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