Table of Contents

Special Issue

Introduction to the Special Issue PDF
Teodor Florin Fortis iii
Tree-based Space Efficient Formats for Storing the Structure of Sparse Matrices PDF
I. Simecek, D. Langr 1-20
Large-Scale Visualization of Sparse Matrices PDF
D. Langr, I. Simecek, P. Tvrdik, T Dytrych 21-31
Adaptive Multi-Grid Methods for Parallel CFD Applications PDF
Jerome Frisch, Ralf-Peter Mundani, Ernst Rank 33-48
Developing Secure Cloud Applications PDF
Massimiliano Rak, Massimo Ficco, Ermanno Battista, Valentina Casola, Nicola Mazzocca 49-62
A Distributed Agent-based Decision Support for Cloud Brokering PDF
Alba Amato, Salvatore Venticinque 65-78


Image scrambling on a "mesh-of-tori" architecture PDF
Maria Ganzha, Marcin Paprzycki, Stanislav Sedukhin 79-87
TTL-Chord: A Chord-based Approach for Semantic Web Services Discovery PDF
Mohamed Gharzouli, Youcef Messelem, Mohamed Elhadi Bounas 89-99
A new decentralized periodic replication strategy for dynamic data grids PDF
Hanene Chettaoui, Faouzi Ben Charrada 101-119

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