Table of Contents

Special Issue

Introduction to the Special Issue on High Performance Computing Solutions for Complex Problems PDF
Pedro Valero Lara, Fernando L. Pelayo, Johan Jansson iii-iv
Performance Optimizations for an Automatic Target Generation Process in Hyperspectral Analysis PDF
Fernando Sierra-Pajuelo, Abel Paz-Gallardo, Antonio Plaza 1-12
Using Computational Geometry to Improve Process Rescheduling on Round-Based Parallel Applications PDF
Rodrigo Da Rosa Righi, Vladimir Magalhaes Guerreiro, Gustavo Rostirolla, Vinicius Facco Rodrigues, Cristiano Andre Da Costa, Leonardo Dagnino Chiwiacowsky 13-32
Many-Task Computing on Many-Core Architectures PDF
Pedro Valero-Lara, Poornima Nookala, Fernando L. Pelayo, Johan Jansson, Serapheim Dimitropoulos, Ioan Raicu 32-46


Sensitivity Study of Input Parameters for Seepage Flow Simulations using Parallel Computers PDF
Fred T. Tracy, Lucas A. Walshire, Maureen K. Corcoran 47-60

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