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Why a new journal?
The Editors

Research paper

Parallel Computing with Generalized Cellular Automata
W. A. Maniatty, Boleslaw K. Szymanski, T. Caraco
A Functional Approach to Radix-R FFTs
Dorothy Bollman, J. Seguel, J. Feo
Visualization of Do-Loop Performance Using AVS
O. Naím, A. J. G. Hey
Parallel Algorithms for Multidimensional Integration
J. M. Bull, T. L. Freeman
Comparing Parallel Multidimensional Integration Algorithms
I. Gladwell, M. A. Napierala

Overview paper

Asynchrony in Parallel Computing: From Dataflow to Multithreading
J. Silc, B. Robic, T. Ungerer