Table of Contents


Open Problems in the Distributed Control Systems Domain
Lonnie R. Welch

Introduction to the Special Issue

Engineering of Distributed Control Systems
Lonnie R. Welch, Dieter K. Hammer

Special Issue

A Real-Time Java Server for Real-Time Mach
Akihiko Miyoshi, Takuro Kitayama, Hideyuki Tokuda
Use Cases for Distributed Real-time Software Architectures
Hassan Gomaa
Formal Design of Real-Time Systems in a Platform-Independent Way
Jozef Hooman, Onno van Roosmalen
Real-Time Scheduling in Video Systems
E. A. de Kock, Emile H. L. Aarts, G. Essink
Integrated Scheduling of Tasks and Messages in Distributed Real-Time Systems
G. Manimaran, Shashidhar Merugu, Anand Manikutty, C. Siva Ram Murthy
Automatic Effective Verification Method for Distributed and Concurrent Systems Using Timed Language Inclusion
Satoshi Yamane
Integrating Timed Condition/Event Systems and Timed Automata for the Verification of Hybrid Systems
R. Huuck, Y. Lakhnech, L. Urbina, S. Engell, S. Kowalewski, J. Preuig
Automatic Derivation of Path and Loop Annotations in Object-Oriented Real-Time Programs
Jan Gustafsson, Andreas Ermedahl