Table of Contents


Some Thoughts About Writing of Journal Papers
Veljko Milutinovic

Introduction to the Special Issue

How to Approach the Virtual Shared Memory Paradigm
eva Kühn

Special Issue

A Case for Virtual Distributed Objects
Randall L Hyde, Brett D. Fleish
A Virtual Shared Tuplespace Resource Manager
Patty Kostkova, Tim Wilkinson
Performance Visualization for Distributed Shared Memory Systems
James E. Lumpp Jr., Kuppuswamy Sivakumar, Christopher Diaz, James N. Griffioe

Research paper

The CARPET Programming Environment for Solving Scientific Problems on Parallel Computers
Giandomenico Spezzano, Domenico Talia
Delayed Frame Transmission Schemes for MPEG Videos in a Real-Time
Joseph Kee-Yin Ng, Victor Chung-sing Lee
Parallel Simulation of Traffic in Geneva Using Cellular Automata
Alexandre Dupuis, Bastien Chopard

Book review

Security in Distributed Computing
Haklin Kimm
Fundamentals of Sequential and Parallel Algorithms
Adair Dingle
Communication and Computing for Distributed Multimedia Systems
Hongchi Shi