Table of Contents


A New, Architectural Paradigm for High-performance Computing
David A. Bader

Introduction to the Special Issue

High Performance Computing on Clusters?
Rajkumar Buyya, Clemens Szyperski

Special Issue

Experiences with Windows NT as a Cluster Computing Platform for Parallel Computing
Markus Fischer, Jack Dongarra
Distributed Processing of Remotely Sensed Landsat-TM Imagery Using MPI
J. A. Gallud, J. Garcia-Consuegra, A. Martinez
The DOGMA Approach to Parallel and Distributed Computing
Q. Snell, G. Judd, M. Clement
Overlap of Computation and Communication on Shared-Memory
T. S. Abdelrahman, G. Liu
Aggressive Communication Optimizations for Clusters of Workstations
G. Agrawal
Experiences with the SEMPA Resource Manager for Real World Scientific
U. Maier, P. Luksch, Arndt Bode
Task Scheduling on Bus-based Networks of Workstations
Wei-Ming Lin, Qiuyan Gu
High Performance Thread Migration on Clusters of SMPs
B. Weissman, B. Gomes
Multiple-Writer Entry Consistency
H. Sandhu, T. Brecht, D. Moscoso
On Using Reliable Network RAM in Networks of Workstations
S. Ioannidis, A. E. Papathanasiou, G. I. Magklis, E. P. Markatos, D. N. Pnevmatikatos, J. Sevaslidou
File Declustering for Efficient Parallel I/O on Networks of Workstations
H.-Y. Cheng, C.-T. King
A Survey of Messaging Software Issues and Systems for Myrinet-Based
R. W. dos Santos, R. Bianchini, C. L. Amorim

Book review

Designing Enterprise Client/Server Systems
James P. Buckley
Replication Techniques in Distributed Systems
Wanlei Zhou