Table of Contents


Will SIMD Make a Comeback?
Stewart Reddaway

Overview paper

Load Balancing for Unstructured Mesh Applications
Y. F. Hu, R. J. Bake

Research paper

Three Parallel Programming Paradigms: Comparisons on an Archetypal PDE Computation
M. Ethtesham Hayder, C. S. Ierotheou, D. E. Keyes
The Group Aproach in Cooperative Work and in Load Balancing
H. Guyennet, J.-C. Lapayre
Experiences with Distributed Computation of Twin Primes Distributions
P. Fry, J. Nesheiwat, Boleslaw K. Szymanski
Multicast in Large WDM Networks
W. Liang, H. Shen
A Language Approach to Computing on Heterogenous Networks
Dmitry Aparov, Alexey Kalinov, Alexey Lastovetsky, Ilya Ledovskih
Frequency-Adaptive Join for Shared Nothing Machines
M. Bamha, G. Hains

Software review

The Design and Implementation of Video Servers in Video-on-Demand Systems
Joseph Kee-Yin Ng, Shuhua Xiong

Book review

Designing ATM Switching Networks
Mounir Hamdi
In Search of Clusters. The Ongoing battle in lowly parallel computing
Jennifer Seitzer