Table of Contents


Trends in Distribted Object Computing
Douglas C. Schmidt

Introduction to the Special Issue

Distributed Object-Oriented Systems
Maria Cobb, Kevin Shaw

Special Issue

Remote Data Access in Distributed Object-Oriented Middleware
K. A. Hawick, H. A. James, J. A. Mathew
Evaluation of a Multicriteria Method to Optimize Resource Access in Distributed Object Systems
Pascal Chatonnay, Laurent Philippe, Huah Yong Chan
The Design and Performance of a Meta-Level Mobile Component for Video Delivery
Arnel I. Periquet, Eric C. Lin
The Object-Oriented Design and Performance of JAWS: A High-performance Web Server Optimized for
James C. Hu, Irfan Pyarali, Douglas C. Schmidt
SIMA: A Java Tool for Constructing Image Processing Applications on a Heterogeneous Network
Marta Rukoz, Claudia Leon, Miriam Rivas
DCOM-Based Parallel Distributed Implementation of Genetic Programming
Ivan T. Tanev, Takashi Uozumi, Koichi Ono

Research paper

DynBench: A Benchmark Suite for Dynamic Real-Time Systems
B. Shirazi, Lonnie R. Welch, B. Ravindran, C. Cavanaugh, E. Huh

Book review

Distributed System Design
Xiao Chen