Table of Contents


Design of Efficient and Scalable Parallel Algorithms
S. W. Song

Introduction to the Special Issue

Parallel and Distributed Computer Graphics
Marta Fairén, Xavier Pueyo

Special Issue

Analyzing Parallel Ray Tracing Algorithms
Pascual González, Encarnación Moyano, José Pascual Molina, Isidro Verdú
Sampling Diffuse Inter-reflection within a Hybrid Scheduling
Erik Reinhard, Alan Chalmers, Frederik W. Jansen
LUX: A Heterogeneous Parallel Computer Dedicated to Ray Tracing
Stéphane Mancini, Renaud Pacalet
Partitioning and Scheduling Large Radiosity Computations in Parallel
Xavier Cavin, Jean-Claude Paul, Laurent Alonso
Clusteral Models for Efficient Parallel Volume Visualization
Cemal Köse, Alan Chalmers
Communications Optimizations and Efficient Load-Balancing for a Volume Rendering Algorithm on a Cluster of PCs
Frédérique Chaussumier, Frédéric Desprez
Exploratory Programming of Distributed 3D Graphics Applications
Blair MacIntyre
An Empirical Study of Task Scheduling Strategies for Image Processing Application on Heterogeneous Distributed Computing System
Kalim Qureshi, Masahiko Hatanaka
Parallel Fixed-Point Digital Differential Analyser with Antialiasing. PFDDAA.
Ramón Mollá, Roberto Vivó

Research paper

A Scalable Portability Model for Parallel Computing
Ami Marowka, Michel Bercovier
Parallel Multiplication of a Vector by a Kronecker Product of Matrices (Part II)
Claude Tadonki, Bernard Philippe

Book review

The GRID: Blueprint for a New Computing Infrastructure
Ami Marowka
Parallel Numerical Computations with Applications
Michelle Pal