Table of Contents


Do Functional Languages have a Real Future in Scientific Programming?
Dorothy Bollman


Referees for Volume 3
Marcin Paprzycki

Introduction to the Special Issue

Design, Performance and Scalability of the Distributed Enterprise Systems
Janusz S. Kowalik

Special Issue

Facilitating Analysis and Optimization of Large-Scale Enterprise Systems
Vadim Kotov
Capacity Planning for and Performance Analysis of Large Distributed Transaction Systems
James Aries, Marc Brittan, Eric Dillon, Alan Korncoff, Janusz S. Kowalik, John Lixvar
Performance, Optimization, & Complexity in the Design of Large Scale Distributed Systems
Marc Brittan, Janusz S. Kowalik
Performance and Scalability of Distributed Software Architectures: An SPE Approach
Connie U. Smith, Lloyd G. Williams
Estimating Server Capacities for Enterprise Computing Architectures
George S. Nezlek, Hemant K. Jain, Derek L. Nazareth
What-If Scenario Explorer for Performance and Scalability Simulations
Mikio Nagasawa, Daisuke Nishioka, Tsuneyuki Imaki, Satoru Watanabe, Yoshio Suzuki, Fabian Sievers

Book review

Parallel Optimization: Theory, Algorithms and Applications
Andrzej Stachurski
Parallel Computing in Optimization
Andrzej Stachurski
Concurrency State Models and Java Programs
William F. Gilreath