Table of Contents


What's in a name
Marcin Paprzycki

Introduction to the Special Issue

Quality of Parallel and Distributed Programs and Systems
Péter Kacsuk, Gabriele Kotsis

Special Issue

The DIWIDE Distributed Debugger
Jozsef Kovács, Péter Kacsuk
Performance Technology for Complex Parallel and Distributed Systems
Allen D. Malony, Sameer Shende
Semi-on-line Monitoring of P-GRADE Applications
Norbert Podhorszki, Péter Kacsuk
Cluster Command and Control (C3) Tool Suite
Michael Brim, Ray Flanery, Al Geist, Brian Luethke, Stephen L. Scott
Evaluting Performance of OpenMP and MPI on the SGI Origin 2000 with Benchmarks of Realistic Problem Sizes
Csaba K. Zoltani, Punyam Satya-narayana, Dixie Hisley
Performance Issues in Distributed Systems
Günter Haring, Helmut Hlavacs, Karin Hummel

Research paper

Gang Scheduling Performance under Different Distributions of Gang Size
Helen Karatza

Book review

Server Based Java Programming
Mikael Omma
Parallel Computing Using Optical Interconnections
Haklin Kimm