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Toward a Performance Evaluation Methodology for the Pi-Calculus Family of Formal Modeling Languages
Shahram Rahimi

Introduction to the Special Issue

Software Agent Technology
Shahram Rahimi, Raheel Ahmad

Special Issue

Agents Go Traveling PDF
Donal O'Kane, G. M. P. O'Hare, David Marsh, Song Shen, Richard Tynan
Exploiting Shared Ontology with Default Information for Web Agents PDF
Yinglong Ma, Beihong Jin, Mingquan Zhou
A WS-Agreement Based Resource Negotiation Framework for Mobile Agents PDF
D. G. A. Mobach, B. J. Overeinder, F. M. T. Brazier
Agent Composition via Role-based Infrastructures PDF
Giacomo Cabri
Software agents in support of student mobility PDF
Maria Ganzha, Wojciech Kuranowski, Marcin Paprzycki

Research paper

yourSkyG: Large-Scale Astronomical Image Mosaicking on the Information Power Grid PDF
Joseph C. Jacob, James B. Collier, Loring G. Craymer, David W. Curkendall
A Historical Analysis of Fiber Based Optical Bus Parallel Computing Models PDF
Brian J. d'Auriol, Maria Beltran

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