Table of Contents

Introduction to the Special Issue

Large Scale Computations on Grids
Przemysław Stpiczyński

Special Issue

A Web Computing Environment for Parallel Algorithms in Java PDF
Olaf Bonorden, Joachim Gehweiler, Friedhelm Meyer auf der Heide
Heuristic Load Balancing for CFD Codes Executed in Heterogeneous Computing Environments PDF
Dana Petcu, Daniel Vizman, Marcin Paprzycki
Benchmarking of a Joint IRISGrid/EGEE Testbed with a Bioinformatics Application PDF
Jose Herrera, Eduardo Huedo, Rubén S. Montero, Ignacio Martín Llorente
Mathematical Service Discovery: Architecture, Implementation and Performance PDF
Simone A. Ludwig, Omer F. Rana, William Naylor, Julian Padget

Research paper

Parallel Implementation of Uniformization to Compute the Transient Solution of Stochastic Automata Networks PDF
Haïscam Abdallah
A SIMD Environment for Genetic Algorithms with Interconnected Subpopulations PDF
Devaraya Prabhu, Bill P. Buckles, Frederick E. Petry
Parallel Standard ML with Skeletons PDF
Norman Scaife, Greg Michaelson, Susumu Horiguchi
A Class of Parallel Multilevel Sparse Approximate Inverse Preconditioners for Sparse Linear Systems PDF
Kai Wang, Jun Zhang, Chi Shen

Book review

Parallel Scientific Computation: A Structured Approach using BSP and MPI
Ami Marowka

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