Table of Contents


Quo Vadis Grid Computing
Janusz S. Kowalik

Introduction to the Special Issue

Practical Aspects of High-Level Parallel Programming
Frédéric Loulergue

Special Issue

Empirical Parallel Performance Prediction From Semantics-Based Profiling PDF
Norman Scaife, Greg Michaelson, Susumu Horiguchi
Managing Heterogeneity in a Grid Parallel Haskell PDF
A. D. Al Zain, Philip W. Trinder, Greg Michaelson, Hans-Wolfgang Loidl
Dynamic Memory Management in the Loci Framework PDF
Yang Zhang, Edward A. Luke
A Parallel Rule-based System and Its Experimental Usage in Membrane Computing PDF
Dana Petcu
An Efficient Fault-Tolerant Routing Strategy for Tori and Meshes PDF
M. E. Gómez, P. López, J. Duato
Afpac: Enforcing consistency during the adaptation of a parallel component PDF
J. Buisson, F. André, J.-L. Pazat
WebCom-G and MPICH-G2 Jobs PDF
Padraig J. O'Dowd, Adarsh Patil, John P. Morrison

Research paper

Pion: A Problem Solving Environment for Parallel Multivariate Integration PDF
Shujun Li, Elise de Doncker, Karlis Kaugars
The Great Plains Network (GPN) Middleware Test Bed PDF
Amy W. Apon, Gregory E. Monaco, Gordon K. Springer

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