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Art Sedighi

Introduction to the Special Issue

Dazhang Gu

Special Issue

Large-Scale Phylogenetic Analysis for the Study of Zoonosis and Assessment of Influenza Surveillance PDF
Daniel A. Janies, Pablo A. Goloboff, Diego Pol
Mendel's Accountant: a biologically realistic forward-time population genetics program PDF
J. Sanford, J. Baumgardner, W. Brewer, P. Gibson, W. ReMine
Genome-wide identification and comparative analysis of coiled-coil proteins PDF
Annkatrin Rose, Eric A. Stahlberg, Iris Meier
Application of bioinformatics and scalable computing to perform proteomic analysis of stomach tissue from diabetic mice PDF
Edward O. List, Darlene E. Berryman, Amanda J. Palmer, Elahu Gosney, Shigeru Okada, Bruce Kelder, Jens Lichtenberg, Lonnie R. Welch, John J. Kopchick
Agent-based Modeling and Simulation of Biomolecular Reactions PDF
Vaishali Vallurupalli, Carla Purdy

Research paper

An Expert System for Analysis of Consistency Criteria in Checkpointing Algorithms PDF
Shahram Rahimi, Guruprasad Nagaraja, Lisa Gandy, Bidyut Gupta
A Performance and Programming Analysis of Java Communication Mechanisms in a Distributed Environment PDF
Shahram Rahimi, Michael Wainer, Delano Lewis

Book review

Distributed Computing: Principles and Applications
Yung-Chuan Lee

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