Table of Contents

Introduction to the Special Issue

Distributed Intelligent Systems
Maria Ganzha, Marcin Paprzycki

Special Issue

Studying SVM Method's Scalability Using Text Documents PDF
Daniel Morariu, Maria Vinţan, Lucian Vinţan
Learning Objects' Architecture and Indexing in WELSA Adaptive Educational System PDF
Elvira Popescu, Costin Bădică, Philippe Trigano
A Link-cluster Route Discovery Protocol for Ad Hoc Networks PDF
Doina Bein, Ajoy K. Datta, Shashirekha Yellenki
The Dilemma of Trust: a Social Network Based Approach PDF
V. Carchiolo, A. Longheu, M. Malgeri, G. Mangioni, V. Nicosia
APP: Agent Planning Package PDF
Saša Tošić, Miloš Radovanović, Mirjana Ivanović
Knowledge Processing for Web Search—An Integrated Model and Experiments PDF
P. Gurský, T. Horváth, J. Jirásek, R. Novotný, J. Pribolová, V. Vaneková, P. Vojtáš

Research paper

Load Balancing for the Numerical Solution of the Navier-Stokes Equations PDF
Gregory Karagiorgos, Nikolaos M. Missirlis

Short communication

An MIMD Algorithm for Finding Maximum and Minimum on OMTSE Architecture PDF
S. C. Panigrahi, G. Sahoo
Airborne Software: Communication and Certification PDF
Andrew J. Kornecki

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