Table of Contents

Introduction to the Special Issue

Large Scale Computations on Grids
Marcin Paprzycki

Special Issue

Object Oriented Condensed Graphs PDF
Sunil John, John P. Morrison
Simulation Models of Natural Disasters and Service-Based Visualization of Their Datasets in the Medigrid Project PDF
Peter Slížik, Ladislav Hluchý
A Fault Tolerance Solution for Sequential and MPI Applications on the Grid PDF
Gabriel Rodríguez, Xoán C. Pardo, María J. Martín, Patricia González, Daniel Díaz
Service-oriented Symbolic Computing with SymGrid PDF
Dana Petcu, Alexandru Cârstea, Georgiana Macariu, Marc Frîncu
Mobile Agent Systems Integration into Parallel Environments PDF
David E. Singh, Alejandro Miguel, Félix García, Jesús Carretero
Web portal for large-scale computations based on Grid and MPI PDF
Assel Zh. Akzhalova, Daniar Y. Aizhulov, Galymzhan Seralin, Gulnar Balakayeva
Performance Measurements of Computing Networks PDF
Igor Rozman, Marjan Šterk, Jaka Močnik, Borut Robič, Roman Trobec

Book review

The π-Calculus: A theory of mobile processes
Raheel Ahmad

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