Table of Contents

Introduction to the Special Issue

Real-Time Distributed Systems and Networks
Janusz Zalewski

Special Issue

Real Time Behavior of Data in Distributed Embedded Systems PDF
Tanguy Le Berre, Philippe Mauran, Gérard Padiou, Philippe Quéinnec
Study of different load dependencies among shared redundant systems PDF
Jàn Galdun, Jean-Marc Thiriet, Jàn Liguš
Qinna: a component-based framework for runtime safe resource adaptation of embedded systems PDF
Laure Gonnord, Jean-Philippe Babau
Deployment of Embedded Web Services in Real-Time Systems PDF
Guido Moritz, Steffen Prueter, Dirk Timmermann, Frank Golatowski
Towards Task Dynamic Reconfiguration over Asymmetric Computing Platforms for UAVs Surveillance Systems PDF
Alécio P. D. Binotto, Edison P. de Freitas, Marco A. Wehrmeister, Carlos E. Pereira, André Stork, Tony Larsson
Wireless Sensors and Actuators Networks: Characterization and Cases Study for Confined Spaces Healthcare and Control Applications PDF
Diego Martínez, Francisco Blanes, Jose Simo, Alfons Crespotica
Combination of Localization Techniques for Mobile Sensor Network for Precise Localization PDF
Ha Yoon Song
Open environment for programming small controllers according to IEC 61131-3 standard PDF
Dariusz Rzońca, Jan Sadolewski, Andrzej Stec, Zbigniew Świder, Bartosz Trybus, Leszek Trybus

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