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Introduction to the Special Issue

Selected Papers from 1st Workshop on Software Services
Dana Petcu, Alex Galis iii

Special Issue

Workflow and Access Control Reloaded: a Declarative Specification Framework for the Automated Analysis of Web Services PDF
Michele Barletta, Alberto Calvi, Silvio Ranise, Luca Vigano, Luca Zanetti 1-20
Resource Management based on Gossip Monitoring Algorithm for Large Scale Distributed Systems PDF
Florin Pop 21-34
Management of access control in information system based on role concept PDF
Aneta Poniszewska-Maranda 35-50
Automatic Data Migration e-System for Public Administration e-Services PDF
Ciprian Dobre, Andreea Marin 51-62
A QoS-based framework for the adaptation of service-based systems PDF
Raffaela Mirandola, Pasqualina Potena 63-78
Flexible Organization in the OrcFS Relational File System for Efficient File Searching PDF
Adrian Colesa, Alexandra Coldea, Iosif Ignat 79-92
Video and Sensor Data Integration in a Service-Oriented Surveillance System PDF
Damian Mierzwinski, Dariusz Walczak, Marcin Wolski, Marcin Wrzos 93-104
Trusted Beliefs for Helpful Behavior When Building Web Services PDF
Ioan Alfred Letia, Radu Razvan Slavescu 105-120
Service Component Architecture Extension for Sensor Networks PDF
Pawel Bachara, Krzysztof Zielinski 121-136
Ant-inspired Framework for Automatic Web Service Composition PDF
Cristina Bianca Pop, Viorica Rozina Chifu, Ioan Salomie, Mihaela Dinsoreanu, Tudor David, Vlad Acretoaie 137-152
Distributed Fault Simulation with Collaborative Load Balancing for VLSI Circuits PDF
Eero Ivask, Sergei Devadze, Raimund Ubar 153-163

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