Table of Contents

Introduction to the Special Issue

New Directions in Cloud and Grid Computing
Dana Petcu, Marcin Paprzycki iii

Special Issue

Using service level agreements in a high-performance computing environment PDF
Roland Kubert, Stefan Wesner 164-178
Beyond Clouds -- Towards Real Utility Computing PDF
Matthias Assel, Lutz Schubert, Daniel Rubio Bonilla, Stefan Wesner 179-192
Optimizing Data Distribution in Volunteer Computing Systems using Resources of Participants PDF
Abdelhamid Elwaer, Ian Taylor, Omer Rana 193-208
HBaseSI: Multi-row Distributed Transactions with Global Strong Snapshot Isolation on Clouds PDF
Chen Zhang, Hans De Sterck 209-226
Parallelization of Compute Intensive Applications into Workflows based on Services in BeesyCluster PDF
Pawel Czarnul 227-238
DEEPG: Dual Heap Overlay Resource Discovery Protocol for Mobile Grid PDF
Mohamadi Begum, Maluk Mohamed 239-256
Green Desktop-Grids: Scientific Impact, Carbon Footprint, Power Usage Efficiency PDF
Bernhard Schott, Ad Emmen 257-264
Hybrid Parallel Programming for Blue Gene/P PDF
Mads Kristensen, Hans Happe, Brian Vinter 265-274

Research paper

Some Geometric Problems on OMTSE Optoelectronic Computer PDF
Satish Panigrahi, Asish Mukhopadhyay 275-282

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