Table of Contents

Introduction to the Special Issue

Agent based systems & semantic software services
Dana Petcu, Daniela Zaharie iii

Special Issue

FastFix: A Control Theoretic View of Self-Healing for Automatic Corrective Software Maintenance PDF
Benoit Gaudin, Mike H. Hinchey, Emil Vassev, Paddy Nixon, Joao Coelho Garcia, Walid Maalej 5-20
Simulation of communication and cooperation in multispecies bacterial communities with an agent based model PDF
Dora Bihary, Adam Kerenyi, Zsolt Gelencser, Sergiu Netotea, Attila Kertesz-Farkas, Vittorio Venturi, Sandor Pongor 21-28
Enabling Model Driven Engineering of Cloud Services by using mOSAIC Ontology PDF
Francesco Moscato, Beniamino Di Martino, Rocco Aversa 29-44
An Internet of Things Platform for Real-World and Digital Objects PDF
Suparna De, Tarek Elsaleh, Payam Barnaghi, Stefan Meissner 45-58
The effect of temporary links in randomly generated networks of constraints PDF
Ionel Muscalagiu, Horia Emil Popa, Viorel Negru 59-72
Multi-Agent Architecture in Semantic Services Environment PDF
Cristina Mindruta, Victor Ion Munteanu, Viorel Negru, Calin sandru 73-84


A Ring-Based Parallel Oil Reservoir Simulator PDF
Leila Ismail 85-98

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