Round Robin with Load Degree: An Algorithm for Optimal Cloudlet Discovery in Mobile Cloud Computing


Ramasubbareddy Somula
Sasikala R


Mobile devices have become essential in our daily lives but it has limited resources such as battery life, storage, and processing capacity. Offloading resource intensive task into the cloud is an efficient approach to improve battery utilization, storage capacity and processing capabilities. Efficiently computing using cloud resources to process offloaded task in order to improve response time and reduce both tasks waiting time and latency problems is one of the main goals in mobile cloud computing (MCC). In order to improve user satisfaction and performance of the mobile application, a cloudlet framework concept has been developed to reduce latency problems which improve response time. The cloudlet brings the cloud closer to the user to perform a computational task. This article proposes a new balancing model among cloudlets in mobile cloud computing environment to find the required resources and create an impact on performance. The efficient load balancing model makes mobile cloud computing more attractive and improves user satisfaction. This paper introduces a Round Robin with Load degree algorithm for public cloudlets in mobile cloud computing using a switch mechanism to choose different approaches for different situations. This algorithm uses game theory based load balancing approach to improve application response time in public mobile cloud environments.


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