Research on Auto-Scaling of Web Applications in Cloud: Survey, Trends and Future Directions

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Parminder Singh
Pooja Gupta
Kiran Jyoti
Anand Nayyar


Cloud computing emerging environment attracts many applications providers to deploy web applications on cloud data centers. The primary area of attraction is elasticity, which allows to auto-scale the resources on-demand. However, web applications usually have dynamic workload and hard to predict. Cloud service providers and researchers are working to reduce the cost while maintaining the Quality of Service (QoS). One of the key challenges for web application in cloud computing is auto-scaling. The auto-scaling in cloud computing is still in infancy and required detail investigation of taxonomy, approach and types of resources mapped to the current research. In this article, we presented the literature survey for auto-scaling techniques of web applications in cloud computing. This survey supports the research community to find the requirements in auto-scaling techniques. We present a taxonomy of reviewed articles with parameters such as auto-scaling techniques, approach, resources, monitoring tool, experiment, workload, and metric, etc. Based on the analysis, we proposed the new areas of research in this direction.

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