A Detailed Study on GPS and GIS Enabled Agricultural Equipment Field Position Monitoring system for Smart Farming

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Jianbo Nie
Bin Yang


To develop refined agriculture and improve Agricultural productivity, a new monitoring system has been proposed in this paper. Based on the actual situation of early agriculture and the actual national conditions of China, Geographic Information System (GIS) technology and Global Positioning System (GPS) technology have been combined. Based on the combination of GIS technology and GPS technology, the results show that the position of field vehicles can be displayed in the electronic MAP in real time within 5% error. On this basis, Agricultural production and cultivation can be realized, and the monitoring system can realize the real-time display of vehicle location in the field on electronic MAP to guide production and cultivation. The static test shows that the positioning accuracy of the four GPS receivers is the worst, and the positioning accuracy of MAP330 receiver and GPS25 receiver is better. However, the positioning accuracy of AGl32 receiver is the highest with the 0.37m error when compared with the error of 1.2m of other machines. Using GPS to measure the area, the error of farmland area and farmland side length is less than 5%, and the precision AGl32 receiver for precision Agricultural measurement is also improved with the proposed model.

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