Design of Intelligent Building Scheduling System for Internet of Things and Cloud Computing

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Tiangang Wang
Zhe Mi


The cloud computing (CC) and Internet of Things (IoT) are widely utilized and provided for intelligent perception and on-demand utilization like industries and public areas. The full sharing, free circulation and various manufacturing resources allocation are investigated in manufacturing. In order to ensure the real-time and effectiveness of resource storage scheduling in Internet of things information system, there are many kinds and quantities of building equipment. An improved ant colony algorithm is presented to remove the shortcomings of the existing ant colony algorithm with slow speed and fall into local optimum. The improved ant colony algorithm is transplanted into cloud computing environment. The advantages of fast computing and high speed storage of cloud computing can realize the real-time resource scheduling of building equipment. The experimental results present that the improved ant colony algorithm can obviously improve the efficiency of resource scheduling in cloud computing environment.All the experiments are performed on the MATLAB.

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