Study and Research on IoT and Big Data Analysis for Smart City Development

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Haixia Yu
Ion Cosmin Mihai
Anand Srivastava


With the development of smart meters, like Internet of Things (IoT), various kinds of electronic devices are equipped with each smart city. The several aspects of smart cities are accessible and these technologies enable us to be smarter. The utilization of the smart systems is very quick and valuable source to fulfill the requirement of city development. There are interconnection between various IoT devices and huge amount of data is generated when they communicate each other over the internet. It is very challenging task to effectively integrate the IoT services and processing big data. Therefore, a system for smart city development is proposed in this paper which is based on the IoT utilizing the analytics of big data. A complete system is proposed which includes various types of IoT-based smart systems like smart home, vehicular networking, and smart parking etc., for data generation. The Hadoop ecosystem is utilized for the implementation of the proposed system. The evaluation of the system is done in terms of throughput and processing time. The proposed technique is 20% to 65% better than the existing techniques in terms of time required for processing. In terms of obtained throughput, the proposed technique outperforms the existing technique by 20% to 60%.

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