A Comprehensive Survey on Energy Consumption Analysis for NoSQL

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Monika Shah
Amit Kothari
Samir Patel


During the last few years, we are witnessing increasing development in the Internet of Things (IoT) and big data. To address increasing workload complexity with better performance and to handle scalability issues of such applications, non-relational (NoSQL) has started taking the place of relational databases. With increasing load, it is challenging to maintain NoSQL’s performance, scalability, and availability without expanding the capacity of hosts and power budget of computing resources. Future scaling of data center capabilities depends on the improvement of server power efficiency. Considering the rise of energy costs and environmental sustainability, we can not ignore this high energy consumption caused by NoSQL. Despite the increasing popularity and share of NoSQL in the software market, little is still known about its energy footprint. To the best of our knowledge, there are no comprehensive studies that analyze the energy consumption by various modules of NoSQL. This article, therefore, conducts a comprehensive survey on the energy consumption analysis of NoSQL. There are limited proposals to reduce the energy consumption of NoSQL. This paper also provides a brief description of these little efforts on reducing the energy consumption of NoSQL. Based on the review, this paper discusses the research scope and opportunities for researchers to improve the energy conservation of NoSQL systems.

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