A New Improved Binary Convolutional Model for Classification of Images

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Putta Hemalatha
G. Shankar, Dr.
D.M. Deepak Raj


There are numerous image classification strategies are developed in deep learning. However, due to the complexity of images, conventional image classification strategies have been incapable to meet real application needs. As the amount of pixel information rises, the classification becomes more difficult. However, CNN is widely used method for object identification in picture due to its simple and accurate, but still, it remains hazy which strategies are most supportive for analysing and distinguishing the objects in pictures. In this paper we introduced a CNN network and clustering-based technique called IBCNN to perform classification based on patch extraction. The proposed method can accomplish their goals in the following four different ways: a) Automatic Kernel selection; b) resilient patch size selection; c) CNN layer; and d) pooling layer modification. In addition, it also modifies the pooling layer with average value and calculate the pixel size. The proposed method was applied on ten different image datasets. Finally, the proposed model is compared to three benchmarking models: such as WCNN, MLP, and ELM-CNN to estimate its performance. The obtained results shows that the proposed method gives competitive results compared to the other models.

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