Research and Application of Big Data Clustering Algorithm based on AI Technology in Cloud Environment

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Dan Huang
Dawei Zhang


Traditional big data filling algorithms often give inaccurate results due to vulnerabilities to different data types.
To solve this problem, this study presents a new big data clustering algorithm powered by AI technology in a cloud environment. The study proposes an advanced Big Data clustering algorithm that leverages AI technology in a cloud environment. It optimizes clustering based on predicted strength using parallel processing. The research focuses on optimizing the clustering algorithm based on the predicted intensity through parallel processing. Experimental results demonstrate that image clustering stability is achieved when the number of clusters exceeds 4, indicating reduced sensitivity to random factors. Although it was not possible to precisely determine the optimal number of clusters, the use of an optimization algorithm showed that at four clusters the prediction intensity reached its peak, ensuring more accurate cluster identification. Through rigorous testing, the optimal number of clusters was determined to be 4. Clustering results show that visitors characterized by certain attributes show higher interest in most columns. This algorithm makes it easier to cluster incomplete large data, improves clustering speed, and improves the accuracy of filling in missing data. Compared to existing methods, this algorithm leverages AI technology in the cloud environment to optimize clustering based on prediction intensity, providing improved accuracy and efficiency during processing in big data management.

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Special Issue - Intelligent Cloud Technologies