Flexible English Learning Platform using Collaborative Cloud-Fog-Edge Networking

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Sian Chen
Linqiang Tang


In the modern age, developing practical online learning tools for English language learners is challenging due to existing systems’ shortcomings. These systems often need proper instructional design, are well-connected to motivational theories, and have limited infrastructure for data sharing, leading to poor learning outcomes and low motivation. To tackle these issues, a new approach called OAELT has been proposed in this paper. OAELT is an Online Assisted English Learning Tool that uses the Fuzzy Analytical Hierarchy Process (FAHP) and collaborative cloud-fog-edge networking to create a flexible learning design that adapts to the needs and preferences of individual learners. Using the FAHP approach, OAELT provides an improved learning experience by tailoring its design to each learner’s unique needs. The collaborative cloud-fog-edge networking approach uses each computing layer’s strengths to deliver a personalized and seamless learning experience. OAELT employs adaptive and dynamic approaches within a flexible instructional paradigm to ensure effective instructional design. This paradigm facilitates collective learning data exchange across cloud, fog, and edge computing layers. The effectiveness of OAELT was evaluated using a descriptive statistics approach, which included a five-dimension questionnaire for students covering cognition, emotion, action, cooperation, and literacy. The results demonstrated that OAELT could enhance learning effectiveness and motivation while providing a flexible and seamless learning experience. According to the experimental data of the proposed model, 46.8% of learners often read English magazines and newspapers to improve their flexibility in English learning. Additionally, 50.4% classified and memorized English according to their categories, while 59% of learners often used context to memorize. These findings suggest that the traditional methods for flexible English learning are not adequate, and the average score of the student’s methods and strategies is mediocre. However, after using OAELT, some students have been able to use different learning curricular reading. Overall, OAELT’s integration of cloud-fog-edge computing with a flexible English learning design can create a more effective and personalized learning system that addresses the challenges of modern learning.

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Special Issue - Scalability and Sustainability in Distributed Sensor Networks