Design and Implementation of Vehicle Scheduling Optimization for Smart Logistics Platform Powered by Hadoop Big Data

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Guangtian Yu
Wangtianhua Yu


E-commerce has become the mainstream consumption mode for people, and with the continuous increase of online shopping business volume, controlling logistics costs has become an urgent problem to be solved. In order to solve the challenges in vehicle scheduling and achieve a scientific and reasonable vehicle scheduling scheme, this research is based on Hadoop Big data platform, introduces the concept of time axis, and builds a vehicle scheduling model based on Hadoop intelligent platform. Based on quantum genetic algorithm and combined with MapReduce model, a quantum improved genetic algorithm is constructed to solve vehicle scheduling optimization problems. The results show that the traditional quantum genetic algorithm converges after 20 iterations, achieving an optimal value of 575 and taking 360 seconds. The improved quantum genetic algorithm converged after 10 iterations and achieved an optimal value of 675, taking 200 seconds. Compared with quantum genetic algorithm, the improved quantum genetic algorithm reduces the time spent by 44.4%. Selecting customer data from a certain logistics company for testing, the improved algorithm shortens the delivery time and achieves the design of the optimal path scheduling plan. This study optimized transportation routes and resource scheduling, reduced transportation costs, and played an important role in optimizing vehicle scheduling in the logistics industry.

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Special Issue - Cloud Computing for Intelligent Traffic Management and Control