Intelligent Vehicle Inspection Tool Design Based on Freeman Chain Code for Automatic Annotation of 3D Models

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Shan Cheng
Guoqiang Tan


Autonomous vehicle are more and more widely used in daily life, and the requirements for their safety performance are higher and higher. As a tool for testing auto parts, intelligent inspection tools are crucial to the guarantee of automobile quality. However, traditional fixture design relies on manual drawing, which is inefficient and prone to errors. To solve this problem, this research uses Freeman chain code to determine the annotation object, uses case clustering method to annotate, and uses error back propagation algorithm to realize case knowledge classification learning, and designs intelligent vehicle inspection tool design technology based on Freeman chain code 3D automatic annotation method. The experimental results show that the geometric feature matching results are correct, and the difference in feature comparison results is significant, with a high accuracy rate. Meanwhile, the geometric similarity annotation method has a high accuracy rate, taking only 3 minutes to complete the annotation, which is 7 minutes longer than traditional manual annotation. The error backpropagation algorithm can accurately achieve feature classification, and the design time of size chain inspection tool deformation design is reduced by 214 minutes compared to manual reverse deformation design, significantly improving design efficiency. In summary, the proposed design method for automotive inspection tools can achieve automatic model annotation, improve design efficiency, and reduce design time.

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Special Issue - Cloud Computing for Intelligent Traffic Management and Control