Secure Steganography Model over Cloud Environment using Adaptive ABC and Optimum Pixel Adjustment Algorithm

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Se-jung Lim
Ambika Umashetty


An effective security model with low computational complexity, minimal quality-compromised, and improved security robustness is essential due to the rapid expansion of multimedia data communication through different cloud services. An image steganography model has been proposed for the security of multimedia data in an unreliable cloud environment. This study's main goal is to provide efficient steganography with barely hidden information. A secure data communication model has been developed over a cloud environment using the Adaptive Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm and the Optimum Pixel Adjustment Algorithm Based Image Steganography Method. An adaptive ABC (artificial bee colony) technique is applied to select the optimal pixel positions in the cover image because the goal of this investigation is to increase PSNR. The Optimal Pixel Adjustment approach is used to minimise embedding errors while maintaining the stego image's appearance identical to the cover image after embedding. The MATLAB platform is used to implement the proposed method. The results show that the proposed AABC-based OPA is more efficient across all measures investigated during the embedding and extraction processes.

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Special Issue - Scalable Dew Computing for future generation IoT systems