Impact of Photovoltaic Systems on Distribution Networks with Advances of Cloud, Grid and Cluster Computing

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Zhuoran Song
Jianfeng Li
Tao Jiang
Sichen Lu


The impact of photovoltaic (PV) systems on distribution networks in advances of cloud, grid, and cluster computing was annoying in the study. Additional PV systems are explained with their working principles. Furthermore, A clustering-based model was developed to reduce the error in the calculation. The weather conditions were classified into different synoptic types. Prediction-based models were introduced after classifying the weather conditions in different optic types. For the movie, it was noted that conditions play a Vital role in predicting the output produced by a PV system. Moreover, a coherent discussion about the key elements regarding the impact of PV systems on Distribution Networks for Cloud, Grid, and Cluster Computing is done. Thus, through the discussion, an empirical knowledge-based analysis was presented.


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Special Issue - Scalability and Sustainability in Distributed Sensor Networks