Dynamic Scheduling of Multi-agent Electromechanical Production Lines based on Iterative Algorithms

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Lulu Yuan


In response to the optimization scheduling problem in the dyeing production process, the author proposes a hierarchical scheduling method for dyeing vats based on genetic algorithm and multi-agent. In this method, a hierarchical scheduling algorithm is used to decompose production scheduling into static and dynamic strategies. The static strategy adopts a genetic algorithm that supports batch processing of multiple products, non equality of equipment, order delivery time, switching cost, and other constraints: Dynamic strategy is a coordinated dynamic optimization algorithm that uses multi-agent systems to support the running status of dye tanks based on static strategies. By solving the algorithm with multiple constraints and dynamic factors in the production process, the final result of the dyeing tank operation task is obtained. The simulation compared pure genetic algorithm with manual scheduling, and the results showed that the hierarchical dynamic scheduling strategy based on data-driven achieved the goal of optimizing the production scheduling of dyeing vats. The practical application results also demonstrate the feasibility of this method.

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Special Issue - Deep Learning-Based Advanced Research Trends in Scalable Computing