Research on the Recommendation System of Music e-learning Resources with Blockchain based on Hybrid Deep Learning Model

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Shasha Jin
Lei Zhang


Learners are confronted with an ever-growing array of diverse and complex educational resources as music education increasingly moves to online platforms. Traditional resource curation methods, which rely heavily on educators, fall short of meeting the dynamic needs of modern students. To address this issue, we present a novel recommendation system for music e-learning resources that combines the power of blockchain technology with a hybrid deep learning model. Our model combines blockchain's robust security and transparency features with advanced deep learning algorithms, enhancing the personalization and efficiency of resource recommendations. A backpropagation neural network with K nearest neighbor classification, traditional collaborative filtering (CF), and an improved CF algorithm are used in the hybrid approach. For the back propagation neural network algorithm, K nearest neighbor classification algorithm, traditional collaborative filtering (CF) and improved CF algorithm, the accuracy rate of improved CF algorithm is higher, reaching 95%. Comparing the proposed model with the association rule-based recommendation model and the content-based recommendation model, the model constructed in this study received high evaluation from experts, with an average score of 98, and more than 97% of them gave a high score of 95 or more, and the evaluation of experts tended to be consistent. Overall, the model proposed in this study can make better recommendations for music education learning resources and bring users a good learning experience, so this study has some practical application value. This research demonstrates a highly effective, blockchain-enhanced recommendation system for music e-learning resources. Our model has significant practical value and potential for adoption in online music education platforms because it provides tailored educational content and an enhanced learning experience.

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Special Issue - Machine Learning and Block-chain based solution for privacy and access control in IoT