Enterprise Audit Risk Assessment and Prevention based on AHP Analysis

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Guoliang Sun
Bayi Guan


If there are no auditing standards or auditing processes of big data, the audit risks of enterprises are increased. This paper first introduces the topic through the research background and literature review in order to ensure the integrity and accuracy of audit evidence to the maximum extent, and then analyses the causes of enterprise audit risk. When analysing the risk level of material misstatement, it is mainly the audit risk generated by the enterprise's unique business model, information system and financial management. Audit risk is mainly caused by the ability of auditors and audit process management. After quantitative analysis of the correctness of enterprise audit risk assessment indicators, this paper builds a multi-level comprehensive assessment model of enterprise audit risk on the basis of AHP analysis. At the same time, this paper puts forward specific measures to improve audit methods and audit processes and prevent audit risks in view of the actual problems encountered in the current audit risk of enterprises, so as to provide certain references for enterprise risk management and control.

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Special Issue - Data-Driven Optimization Algorithms for Sustainable and Smart City