Database Access Information Security Management Simulation under Big Data Platform

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Zhaocui Li
Dan Wang


When people perform database access information security management, the traditional method cannot accurately verify the identity of the visitor, the credibility of the identity information, and the security management of the access information. With the widespread application of big data technology, the amount of data in databases is rapidly increasing, which brings new challenges to information security management. The main purpose of this study is to explore how to more effectively manage the security of database access information on big data platforms. Therefore, the trusted computing platform is established to implement database access information security management under the data platform. The method determines the user behavior is credible by establishing a behavior chain of behavior based on the user identity and measuring user operation behavior. For the user's private data, the encryption/decryption module is used for security protection, preventing data from being leaked through illegal copying. A trusted metric model based on the USB Key user identity is established and a trusted platform is established. By improving the ELGamal algorithm, the IMC/IMV metrics architecture is utilized to measure platform security attributes. In the first round of anonymous authentication, the identity authentication of the platform is completely completed, and the database access information security management under the big data platform is completed. The simulation results show that in 10 experiments, the transmission time delay of TCP/IP protocol is less than 200ms, and the security of database access information is enhanced after the encryption system is established in the database. This has certain theoretical enlightenment for the improvement of database security and the optimization of information security management.

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Special Issue - Graph Powered Big Aerospace Data Processing