Research on Dynamic Optimization Algorithm of Warehousing Location Layout Based on Nonlinear Optimization

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Guang Chen
Zhiwei Tu
Sheng Zhang
Jing Fang
Fan She


The paper aims to improve the turnover rate and operation efficiency of goods that are shipped out and replenished in the warehouses of electric power enterprises through big data analysis and optimization algorithms.The data is distributed in diverse locations and data nonlinear optimization algorithms certainly helps to understand the patterns for effective management of warehouses.This article focuses on reducing the delay in the operational processes.A multi-objective optimization (MOO) has been proposed which is aiming at improving the efficiency of transition process of commodities, storage, and overall warehouse operations.The study helps in the optimization of the allocation of cargo spaces with the aid of big data analysis optimization technology which collects and manages data in a distributed environment. A multi-objective cargo space optimization algorithm is proposed along with consideration of dynamic constraints.The algorithm is based on the coefficient of variation adaptive differential evolution algorithm.Individual decoding is performed according to the real-time cargo space availability.The simulation results show that the convergence speed of the algorithm is greatly improved.Meanwhile, the efficiency of warehouse transition process, shelf stability and the classification of commodities are remarkably improved.In nutshell, the multi-objective decision-making with the integration of big data analysis optimization technology assists in the effective organization of warehouse allocation system by considering multiple factors and constraints.

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Special Issue - Graph Powered Big Aerospace Data Processing