Environmental Protection Control System Based on IoT and Deep Learning Intelligent Monitoring Sensors

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Shichao Cao
Xiaoying Liu
Nan Li


In order to improve the multi-sensor intelligent control performance of environmental pollution detection, this paper proposes a design model of environmental pollution detection intelligent system based on Internet of Things technology. Firstly, this paper uses ZigBee’s Internet of Things networking technology to design the network of the pollution detection system. Secondly, in order to verify the effectiveness of the environmental pollution detection method, this paper carries out system debugging analysis and simulation test, and uses visual dsp++simulation system to debug the system. The network of ZigBee Internet of Things networking technology is adopted to realize the network design of pollution detection system, and VIX bus technology is adopted to carry out environmental pollution detection data communication and information processing, so as to realize the optimal design of intelligent system of environmental pollution detection system. Finally, the experimental test and analysis were performed. The collection period of environmental pollution data is 10 s and the monitoring time is 22 h. Finally, according to the environmental model and parameters, we determine that the system can accurately detect environmental pollution information, and the results are accurate and reliable.

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Special Issue - Deep Learning-Based Advanced Research Trends in Scalable Computing