Virtual Reality Scenario Analysis of Art Design Taking into Account Interactive Digital Media Pattern Generation Technology

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Yun Liu


In art design, 3D printing technology is crucial, and more and more creators conceive scenes using 3D modeling software to get a three-dimensional and beautiful work. Due to the large amount of noise and redundant points in the raw data collected during the modeling process, the generation speed and rendering effect of 3D models are reduced. Given the above problems, the study designed an interactive 3D lightweight modeling system based on the combination of hand-drawn sketching and laser 3D scanning based on the streamlined algorithm. The experimental results showed that when the hand-drawn speed was 300, the number of triangular slices, model size, and time required to generate the model of the hand-drawn sketching model based on the streamlined algorithm were reduced by 67.39%, 65.48%, and 63.79%, respectively. In the real-time point cloud data streamlining process of the laser 3D scanning model, the point cloud data reduction ratio and the streamlining goodness index of the point cloud streamlining algorithm are 71.99% and 3.06%, respectively. The system performance is robust, and the data processing speed and rendering effect are good.

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Special Issue - Scalable Computing in Online and Blended Learning Environments: Challenges and Solutions