An Effective Investigation for Quality of Service Enhancement of Content Delivery Network for HTTP Live Streaming Using H.265

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Kiran Babu Sangeetha
V S K Reddy


In the contemporary era, the prevailing trend among individuals is the widespread utilization of streaming technology to indulge in audio or video content emanating from a server. This innovative approach negates the necessity for downloading the content beforehand, allowing users to seamlessly revel in the material through the streaming mechanism. However, this cutting-edge technology mandates a substantial bandwidth to uphold its Quality of Service (QoS) at an optimal level. Challenges may arise, such as packet loss, attributed to the restricted bandwidth provided by the network service provider, thereby compromising the delivered content’s quality. To address this issue, one viable solution is the integration of CDN (Content Delivery Network), a technology proven to enhance the quality of content delivered through streaming services. This research endeavors to elevate the quality of live video streaming by leveraging CDN. The HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) format for content streaming, the study empirically demonstrates that CDN significantly improves the Quality of Service. As a result, the proposed method Content Delivery Network (CDN) using H.265 plays vital role in live video streaming. The result shows that live video streaming with CDN outperforms without CDN. Specifically, the live video streaming experience with CDN showcases a remarkable throughput average of 5899.7 kbps, coupled with a minimal packet loss ratio average of 0.05%. This stands in stark contrast to the version without CDN, which exhibits a comparatively diminished throughput average of 5287.3 kbps and a higher packet loss ratio average of 0.22%. These empirical findings strongly emphasize the effectiveness of CDN in elevating the Quality of Service for live video streaming. The tangible enhancements in throughput and the reduction of packet loss achieved through CDN implementation
contribute significantly to an enriched user experience. The evidence supports the notion that integrating CDN technology not only optimizes the technical performance of live video streaming but also plays a pivotal role in enhancing the overall satisfaction and engagement of users with the content delivery system.

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Special Issue - Soft Computing & Artificial Intelligence for wire/wireless Human-Machine Interface Systems