The Application of MATLAB in the Mathematics Teaching of Computer Majors

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Jiangang Wang


Under the background of new engineering courses, professional mathematics teaching needs to keep pace with the times and improve the progressiveness and scientific nature of teaching methods.In order to improve the mathematics teaching effect of computer majors, This article constructs a new teaching environment through simulation system construction methods, analyzes the shortcomings of traditional teaching models through comparative analysis methods, and improves the teaching platform based on the actual needs of mathematics professionals in current society. The curve interpolation technology is improved, and a forward-looking real-time Matlab simulation algorithm is designed. Through the evaluation and analysis, it can be seen that the mathematics teaching system for computer majors based on MATLAB can effectively improve the intuitive effect of advanced mathematics teaching, and help to improve the teaching quality of advanced mathematics.

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Special Issue - Data-Driven Optimization Algorithms for Sustainable and Smart City