Research on a Human Moving Object Detection Method Based on Gaussian Model and Deep Learning

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Yuma Sun


In order to understand human motion object detection methods, the author proposes a research on human motion object detection method based on Gaussian model. Firstly, traditional Gaussian models are unable to detect  complex scenes or slow moving targets. Therefore, an improved Gaussian model based moving object detection algorithm is proposed. Secondly, multiple Gaussian models are used to represent the features of each pixel in the moving target image, and based on the matching of each pixel in the image with the Gaussian model, it is considered as a background point. Conversely, it is based on the principle of the foreground, and the Gaussian model is updated. Finally, by updating the foreground model and calculating short-term stability indicators, the detection effect of moving targets is improved. By determining the Gaussian distribution and pixel relationship, new parameters are set to construct the background model and eliminate the impact caused by sudden changes in lighting. The experimental analysis results show that this method can effectively detect and track moving targets, with good noise resistance, high clarity, and an accuracy rate of up to 99%. Compared with traditional Gaussian model methods, the improved method can more effectively detect moving targets and has better robustness.

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Special Issue - Deep Learning-Based Advanced Research Trends in Scalable Computing