Application of Improved Genetic Algorithm and Deep Learning in Cold Chain Logistics Distribution Demand Prediction

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Hailong Li
Guangyao Lu


In order to solve the problem of inaccurate prediction results caused by the excessive impact of downstream on upstream suppliers in the process of cold chain logistics transportation demand prediction, the author proposes a demand prediction system Multi agent based on improved genetic algorithm and deep learning. The system will improve genetic algorithm, combine deep learning with practical problems in cold chain logistics supply chain, and evaluate the improved model through instance simulation. The results are as follows: After optimization, the order quantity of each stratum reduces the influence of retailers on upstream suppliers by more than 70%. As for the overall transportation cost, it shows a continuous upward trend within 20 cycles, while the total cost of each cycle fluctuates in a lower range after optimization, reducing the overall total cost by about 50%. It shows the reliability of the improved demand forecasting system in this study to greatly reduce storage and transportation costs.

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Special Issue - Deep Learning-Based Advanced Research Trends in Scalable Computing