Published: 2021-10-24

Introduction to the Special Issue on Artificial Intelligence for Smart Cities and Industries

Ashutosh Sharma, Pradeep Kumar Singh, Wei-Chiang Hong, Gaurav Dhiman, Adam Slowik


Design and Research on the Intelligent System of Urban Rail Transit Project based on BIM+GIS

Yan Liu, Mohd Asif Shah, Anton Pljonkin, Mohammad Asif Ikbal, Mohammad Shabaz


Research on Data Security Detection Algorithm in IoT Based on K-means

Jianxing Zhu, Lina Huo, Mohd Dilshad Ansari, Mohammad Asif Ikbal


Study and Research on IoT and Big Data Analysis for Smart City Development

Haixia Yu, Ion Cosmin Mihai, Anand Srivastava


Cloud based Resource Scheduling Methodology for Data-Intensive Smart Cities and Industrial Applications

Shiming Ma, Jichang Chen, Yang Zhang, Anand Shrivastava, Hari Mohan


Enhanced Secure ATM authentication using NFC Technology and Iris Verification

Smita S Agrawal, Parita Oza, Mahima Biswas, Neer Choksi