Table of Contents


Building Grid Communities
Omer F. Rana

Introduction to the Special Issue

Distributed and Parallel Systems
Zsolt Németh, Dieter Kranzlmüller, Péter Kacsuk, Jens Volkert

Special Issue

An approach to providing small-waiting time during debugging message-passing programs PDF
Nam Thoai, Jens Volkert
Application of p-grade development environment in meteorology PDF
Róbert Lovas, Péter Kacsuk, Ákos Horváth, András Horányi
Towards a Robust and Fault-Tolerant Multicast Discovery Architecture for Global Computing Grids PDF
Zoltan Juhas, Arpad Andics, Krisztian Kuntner, Szabolcs Pota
Grid-based Virtual Reality Visualization of Volume Data PDF
Paul Heinzlreiter, Dieter Kranzlmüller, Jens Volkert
On the Extension and Applicability of the P-Graph Modeling Paradigm to System-Level Diagnostic Problems PDF
Balázs Polgár, Endre Selényi, Tamás Bartha
Tolerating Stop Failures in Distributed Maple PDF
Károly Bósa, Wolfgang Schreiner
Context Sensing, Aggregation, Representation and Exploitation in Wireless Networks PDF
Alois Ferscha, Simon Vogl, Wolfgang Beer
A CORBA-based Middleware for an Adaptive Streaming Server PDF
Balázs Goldschmidt, Roland Tusch, László Böszörményi
An Adaptive Standard Meta-data Aware Proxy Cache PDF
Peter Schojer, László Böszörményi, Hermann Hellwagner

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