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Mobility in Distributed Systems
Niranjan Suri, Henry Hexmoor

Introduction to the Special Issue

Software Agent Mobility
Henry Hexmoor, Marcin Paprzycki, Niranjan Suri

Special Issue

Security Risks in Java-based Mobile Code Systems PDF
Walter Binder, Volker Roth
Implementing Mobile and Distributed Applications in X-Klaim PDF
Lorenzo Bettini, Rocco De Nicola, Michele Loreti
Leveraging strong agent mobility for Aglets with the Mobile JikesRVM framework PDF
Raffaele Quitadamo, Letizia Leonardi, Giacomo Cabri
A Fault-Tolerant Directory Service for Mobile Agents based on Forwarding Pointers PDF
Luc Moreau
Generative Mobile Agent Migration in Heterogeneous Environments PDF
B. J. Overeinder, D. R. A. de Groot, N. J. E. Wijngaards, F. M. T. Brazier
A Distributed Content-Based Search Engine Based on Mobile Code and Web Service Technology PDF
Volker Roth, Jan Peters, Ulrich Pinsdorf

Book review

Expert Systems: Principles and Programming
Raheel Ahmad

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